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  • olympics

    5 Olympians Who use Cannabis

    Cannabis & The Olympics Even though Cannabis is removed from the banned list, athletes are still not permitted to use the it on the day of competition, though there are some troubles in physically proving
  • vladimir-kudinov-12762 (1)

    Top 10 Smoke Spots This Summer.

    Where you should smoke up this summer. Exploration, Expedition, Experience. These are words that stereotypes have deemed antagonistic to the Cannabis Community, however the truth cannot be held down. Cannabis users of all kinds, old
  • 52

    Moonrocks & Sunrocks

    Here at Terra we've been so impressed with the creativity of cannabis producers and entrepreneurs. The market has seen so many new products in the past few months it's been hard to keep up with
  • 223

    Legal Pot: Is there enough?

    With legalization now almost a year away (we hope), the landscape looks like this: current medicinal cannabis growers supply about 170,000 patients. Many producers have reported regularly selling out or running short on strains. At
  • OBAMA1

    Obama The Chronic

    With the current global political landscape in a state of turmoil, where fake news is real news and real news is lost in the noise—a bit of authenticity goes a long way. Especially given the
  • dario1

    CBD: What is it and what is it good for?

    SO TELL ME ABOUT CBD. The market has blown up in the past year with CBD products—making it overwhelming as a consumer to fully understand what CBD is and what its medicinal properties are. While