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Canada's highest quality cannabis to your door overnight

Buying medical cannabis in Canada can be very tough, many who are denied medical cards from their doctors must turn to the streets to get their medicine. Alternatively some citizens may make long trips to visit dispensaries in larger metropolis areas, however alot of the time this is no better then purchasing off the street. Most dispensaries do not test their products for things like mold, mites, and thc/cbd percentages as they buy their cannabis from the same people selling on the street. At Terra Cannabis we produce all of our cannabis in highly controlled production facilities in British Columbia, this allows us to easily monitor each individual plant and test each crop and take every necessary precaution before selling it in our dispensaries. All of our results are displayed on the website and on the back of the bags for each individual strain.


Licensing – How to Register – Age Limit – Ordering Times – Policies

Do I need a license?

Absolutely not, we believe that every Canadian deserves a healthier alternative to medicine.

Do i need to register?

Unlike other dispensaries we do not require you to send in any documentation or wait a period to get approved. Simply create a profile and start buying immediately!

Is there an age limit?

Yes, we sell to every Canadian above the age of 19. We reserve the right to refuse anyone who we think is under our age limit.

When will my order be sent out?

We ship out all orders daily. If you order before 3:00pm ET your order will be shipped out same day!


Payment Options – Payment Time – Payment Information – Payment Security – Policies

Interac E transfer

At this time we accept only Interac E transfers as form of payment. We do not accept any other type of transfer or pre paid cards. This form of payment can keep  both sides anonymous as we do not see anything other then your first name and your banking statement does not show what you bought with the money you had transferred. Completely anonymous.

How long do they take to go through?

The time between sending an e transfer and the recipient receiving it can vary. The time can be seconds all the way up to 30 minutes so be sure to take this into account when making a payment close to our cutoff time.

Who do i send it to and what is the information I need to complete one?

Every customer is provided with all the necessary information to send payment to us after they place their order. You will find this information on the page which immediately follows the checkout page. You can also find a copy of this in your customer invoice email which is sent to you immediately after placing your order.


Every bank offers Interac E transfers with a wide variety of ways to send them. Most people choose to send them off their mobile banking app however this is also possible to do on your home computer. If you need more information on how to send or setup an e transfer give your bank a call.


Shipping Options – Shipping Costs – Shipping Times – Discreet Packaging – Policies

What Are My Shipping Options?

We provide multiple shipping options to serve you better. Express and Expedited shipping are the two main options. Express is overnight shipping for $19 as long as you reside in the same province that we ship from. Expedited can be anywhere from 2 day shipping all the way up to 5 days for $15. We highly recommend our customers to choose Express shipping.

Who Do You Ship with?

We ship with Canada Post. This is proven to be the safest, cheapest and best over all value for everyone. We have never had any problems with Canada Post and seizing packages nor have we ever had any problems with authorities bothering us or our customers. Canada Post will deliver anywhere in Canada.

Is It Discreet?

Many of our customers require our packages to be inconspicuous and discreet to fit their lifestyle. This is why we when we send your package it will be send in a plain white poly bag with no branding or logos at all. The bag will contain a shipping barcode and nothing else. All of our packages are 100% smell proof.

This is what you can expect your package to look like

All packages are 100% smell proof and individually heat sealed. Inside the poly bag you will find a blank white box, inside of the box you will find the best cannabis Canada has to offer.


Contact us by email or by giving our lovely customer service agent a call between the hours of 8:00am – 10:00pm PST